Wrap Your Head Around This



I dabble in all sorts of jewelry mediums from glass seed bead stringing to hand making beautiful glass beads to metal-smithing. One challenge I’m sure everyone has shared is making your jewelry strong and durable for life. To my delight, Bonnie at The Crazy Merchant, Inc. showed me a simple technique that changed my jewelry making. Simple, yet elegant and strong, learning this wire wrap technique will help you make your jewelry with a link closure that will stand up to the test of time. I have wrapped many stones before and I have always struggled with my closing loop. How can I make my wrap strong and clean with no wire sticking out?? Well, this wire wrap technique is brilliant. I can wrap my stones, leather, beads and more and know that it is a permanent, quality wrap. I also used her technique to make my own wire wrap chain. It takes some practice, so be patient. It is well worth it in end. I love wire wrapping! “I can’t even wrap my head around not knowing this simple, yet so important technique”. Come see Bonnie and take a Level 2 jewelry class at The Crazy Merchant, Inc. to learn some amazing new techniques that will change your jewelry making and raise the quality of you jewelry to new levels!