What is The Crazy Merchant, Inc.?

It is a place for the creative and not-so-creative soul to be intrigued, delighted, and inspired. The moment you notice the large bright turquoise building at the corner of Belleview and Windermere and see the unique sign with the whimsical pink elephant you wonder…What is this “Crazy Merchant, Inc.” anyway???

Those who have dared to be curious, adventurous, and just plain  “crazy” enough to drive into the parking lot and enter the doors of the large, rather warehouse looking, turquoise building with the pink elephant sign are, I am sure, relieved and pleasantly surprised by what a treasured gem they have indeed found!

As you walk in, you are welcomed by a Crazy Merchant, Inc. associate and offered guidance and assistance, not to mention a beverage and snack. Wow! Such hospitality!

As you begin to wander around the large retail showroom you realize this is not an ordinary retail establishment but a truly unique retail experience! You can instantly see that it is a “Mecca” for any bead and jewelry making enthusiast, offering a vast selection of strung and loose gemstones, crystal, glass, metal beads, findings in every finish, a wide selection of tools and supplies, and so much more.  You also see that it is a great place to shop and find beautiful and unique finished jewelry designs including sterling silver and gold jewelry at amazing prices, a unique selection of fashion jewelry and accessories, as well as other unique gift and personal items.

As you continue to explore, you soon realize that shopping is only a small part of the total “Crazy Merchant Experience.” You immediately feel the buzz and aura of positive energy. You see people sitting with other people laughing and having a great time at the large round tables. Some people are designing and creating jewelry while others are shopping and marveling at the vast inventory. You observe people coming in the door and watch the entire staff turn to greet the customers by name…it fondly reminds you of a scene from “Cheers”…where “everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came”!

The Staff at TCM is a group of highly creative individuals who are not only passionate and accomplished artists and retail professionals, but, they are also highly skilled jewelry designers. Each staff member is a fabulous resource and each offers a unique design aesthetic and area of expertise. They never hesitate to share their knowledge, skill, and creative talents with TCM customers. Each staff member is a valuable resource for learning new techniques, collaborating on design ideas, catching up on the newest trends, and finding out about general product knowledge. Many of The Crazy Merchant, Inc. staff members are also class instructors, published designers, and create and sell their own jewelry designs.

Oh yes, The Crazy Merchant, Inc. is so much more than just a bead or a gift store. You come to realize it is a very, very, special place where people not only travel to gather and connect with other people, share, learn, create, and shop, but also to be involved with a locally owned business that loves, appreciates, and rewards their customers and also has a true sense of giving back to the community it serves!

Did you know that The Crazy Merchant, Inc….

  • Donates 10% of each sale to a non-profit organization on The Crazy Merchant, Inc. Giving List. Every customer is asked to choose the charity of their choice from the Giving List.

  • Offers complimentary meeting space, when available, to local artists for trunk shows, businesses and non-profit organizations for meetings and such.

  • Offers a Customer Loyalty Program? For each dollar spent, a point is earned. When customers reach 500 points, they receive a store credit for $25.

  • Offers a wide range of beading and jewelry making classes. If you haven’t ever tried to bead or make jewelry or if you are an accomplished jewelry designer they offer beginner to advanced classes in a variety of techniques. Something for everyone!

The Crazy Merchant, Inc. is my place to be creative!

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on”…

-Albert Einstein

Written by: Darlene Jones

Darlene is a self-declared beadaholic and hopes to inspire others to discover their passion for creativity and personal expression through beads and jewelry. She currently teaches beading and wire technique classes at The Crazy Merchant, Inc. in Littleton, Colorado.

Courtesy of Bead Star 2009 magazine by Interweave Press LLC.

Darlene Jones

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