The Wire Guard

The wire guard is a simple, yet useful finding. This small finding gives your finishing loops reinforcement and puts less strain on your beading material to help prevent fraying. It also it is very ascetically pleasing, giving your jewelry a rich finished look. These are simple, yet clever little findings. Wire guards are shaped like a horseshoe with openings on either side. To use the wire guard: Simply put all the finishing beads and crimp on. Next slide beading material in bottom opening. Loop up and back down sliding the beading material through the other opening to create a perfect guided loop. Next attach your closure; a clasp or toggle. Next you close up the piece and done. Come in and get your wire guards at The Crazy Merchant Inc. or to learn more about wire guards and closing sign up for a level 1 or 2 class. Do you have tips or tricks to share? Please share, we love sharing!