The Bead Stopper

The bead stopper is a simple but amazing tool. This tools will keep you calm in extreme beading conditions. Whether you are doing one, two or five strands the bead stopper will bring a new ease to your beading experience. How to use the bead stopper: simply squeeze the two loops and open the spring, put in your soft flex or beading material in between the coils of spring, release and check to make sure your beading material is locked in place. It is so nice, now your beads cannot run away from you. This is also great for checking length and to see how your piece will lay. If you don’t already have bead stoppers come by The Crazy Merchant today and pick up a 4 pack, you won’t regret it! Sign up for a level 1 or 2 beading class and learn more on how to use bead stoppers. Let us know what you think about bead stoppers. Do you have other uses for bead stoppers or other tricks, please share.


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