Jewelry Making Keeps Us Healthy

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We love jewelry at The Crazy Merchant Inc. and what we love more is the fact the jewelry making keeps us healthy. We found some interesting articles and studies after a little research we want to share with you. Here are some quick facts: Jewelry making is stress relief and therapeutic. Jewelry making increases your brain stimulation and memory. At The Crazy Merchant Inc. are constantly learning new techniques and bringing in new experts to expand our knowledge. We offer classes that share these techniques with you and help you build new skills that expand your creativity. We also offer exciting monthly workshops if you’ve already graduated level 3 classes. Check out our classes and workshops at The Crazy Merchant Inc. Do you have a story about how beading has helped you? Know of links about this topic? Please share. Be Happy and Keep Beading!

Study: Jewelry-Making Boosts Sense of Well-Being

 Healthy Brains and Jewelry Making