Crazy quality that stands alone.

Quality is an invaluable asset in any material or finished good. A quality product is only as good as its parts. I have been shopping at The Crazy Merchant Inc. for more than a year now and the quality of their merchandise never ceases to amazes me. The other day I went through some of my older collection pieces and found I need to re-do a ton of them because of poor quality materials. I was so ‘bummed’ that the plating was flaking off and tarnishing the chains. The paint is peeling and fading off the beads. I stopped and asked myself “Why is this happening?” The answer is simple: they are plastic painted beads or fake gemstones, the color is bleeding out or they just crumble into nothing because they are not real gemstones or pearls. This is not jewelry that will last and I cannot proudly put my name on the pieces as a designer. Why did I buy these materials you ask?? Simply because I did not know better. It’s like enjoying cube steak until you taste a filet mignon. I share this with you, my friends to save you from heartache, disappointment and waste. So save yourself some time and shop at The Crazy Merchant Inc. where quality is never compromised. The prices are crazy and the staff is always friendly and helpful. Knowledge is power.