Crazy Beading 101

Crazy Beading 101:
The ‘secret’ is… making jewelry is ALWAYS pleasurable!
If, during your creative moment, anything causes you frustration,
physical discomfort or the dreaded sense of ‘defeat’… just stop.
Put your beautiful beads down, put your jewelry tools down, breathe…
and reassess.  Ask yourself the simple question, “why is this so hard?”
Then check the obvious…
1.  Are you using the proper jewelry tools?
2.  Are you using the jewelry tools properly?
3.  Are your materials compatible?  For example… if it’s almost impossible to thread your beads through your Soft Flex, then check to see what SIZE you’re using.  Soft Flex line comes in Fine, Medium and Heavy, each line being thicker than the next.  Perhaps you’re using Medium Soft Flex when the hole in your beads is suited for Fine line?
4.  Do you need to learn the basics?  Or just refresh your beading skill set?
At The Crazy Merchant, Inc., we offer three levels of workshops, each designed not only to ‘get you started’ in jewelry making, but also to keep you completely enjoying and advancing in your creative art!
Learn ‘what you need’ to make beautiful jewelry by signing up for one or more of our fun and educational workshops!
Learn ‘how to use’ jewelry tools and capture all the great tips offered by our talented design staff!  We offer a variety of classes every month!
Learn, practice and share beading techniques with others.  Come into the shop and enjoy an afternoon at our complimentary beading tables!
Join us every 3rd Tuesday of the month, for Crazy Craft Night!  Call us to save a seat, bring your projects and enjoy wine and refreshments while you bead and shop during this exclusive and fun evening!  Welcome to 2016!   ” You don’t have to be Crazy to create here, we’ll teach you! ”  See you soon!

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