Beading is Cheaper than Therapy

August WorkshopApril Level 1 - Week 3Level 2-Week2 9.2013

I had a tough day and need to clear my mind. We all have those days. I need to bead. Off I go into my craft room and gather up my materials. I am missing a few things.  I will go buy them at The Crazy Merchant. I hesitate then look around at my craft room, it’s a mess. I will just make it at The Crazy Merchant.

I walk in to an inviting environment with bright sparkly beads lining the walls and finding that go on forever. I already feel better. I sit down, bead and breathe. My head begins to clear as I string one bead on at a time. I have complete control of what I am doing. I choose the beads, the colors, the size, the everything. I have challenges come up while beading but I am focused on beading. The world melts away. In the end I have an amazing new necklace that is one of a kind and exactly how I wanted it. I feel much  better. Beading is way cheaper than therapy and i get something pretty from it.

Come get your bead therapy on at The Crazy Merchant, Inc.

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